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Do It Right..... Once!

About Us

Our Company is divided into three key areas:

Appraisals - We specialize in knowing the value of your heavy equipment. Don't go to court, not knowing what it's worth. Our inspectors are certified, meaning that our appraisals are certified. Click on the tab to the left to learn more about this service.

Evaluations - Don't let the repair company take you for a ride. Our experience in cost analysis of crossing accidents and collisions is unmatched in the industry. Call us for a list of insurance companies and attorneys, that trust Performance Professionals with the numbers. Click on the tab to the left to learn more about this service. 

Repairs - With Performance Professionals you have found technicians that have basically, see it all when it comes to locomotive failures. Be it electrical or mechanical, our team of experienced personnel can get it up and running quickly. Don't trust your investment to a truck mechanic or someone that wires houses for living. (We've seen that all too often) Call us for a quote.  

Sales - Let us know what you need. If we don't have it, we can find it for you.  

What's It Worth? We know and would like to share our knowledge with you!